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New paper published in Diversity and Distributions

16th August 2017

Dapporto, L., Cini, A., Menchetti, M., Vodă, R., Bonelli, S., Casacci, L.P., Dincă, V., Scalercio, S., Hinojosa, J.C., Biermann, H. and Forbicioni, L., Rise and fall of island butterfly diversity: Understanding genetic differentiation and extinction in a highly diverse archipelago. Diversity and Distributions.

New paper on Scientific Reports

29th June 2016

Vodă R., Dapporto L., Dincă V., Shreeve T. G., Khaldi M., Barech G., Rebbas K., Sammut P., Scalercio S., Hebert P. D. N. & Vila R. (2016). Historical and contemporary factors generate unique butterfly communities on islands. Scientific Reports, 6

New partner

May 2016

The National Park of Casentino Forestes funded the sequencing of its butterfly fauna

New paper on PloS ONE

18th February, 2015

Vodă R, Dapporto L, Dincă V, Vila R (2015) Why do cryptic species tend not to co-Occur? A case study on two cryptic pairs of butterflies. PLoS ONE 10(2): e0117802. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0117802

New paper on Ecography

17th November 2014

Vodă, R., Dapporto, L., Dincă, V., & Vila, R. (2014). Cryptic matters: overlooked species generate most butterfly beta‐diversity. Ecography. doi: 10.1111/ecog.00762

New paper on Methods in Ecology and Evolution

14th Luly 2014

Dapporto, L., Vodă, R., Dincă, V., & Vila, R. (2014). Comparing population patterns for genetic and morphological markers with uneven sample sizes. An example for the butterfly Maniola jurtina. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 5(8), 834-843.

New parter

July 2014

Fondazione Zegna funded the sequencing of the butterfly fauna of Biella Province

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